presage - a short story about what it means to be human

The idea started out as a chat-bot. I wanted to have a place where my family could remember me or ask questions should I die. I envision my young daughter putting on a VR device and booting up J.A.K. (Judge, Advocate, Keeper). JAK is an extension of me in virtual form. JAK has a voice, moves like a person and can look them in the eye when they speak to him. Anytime they want to talk with me they can. We can discuss life, their dreams, aspirations, or simply the weather. Think Siri but more personal and represented in VR/AR form.

The loss of a loved one can be extremely painful and no one can help someone heal but time. My hope is that JAK could help accelerate that healing time by helping a survivor feeling less alone.

As a Judge, he helps guide us on the path to becoming a better version of ourselves. Providing wisdom and judgement when we are in doubt.

As an Advocate, he supports and reminds us that we are capable of more than we believe.

As a Keeper, he safe guards our on-line activity as well as keeping any unwanted intrusion from entering our daily lives. Think spam, malware, and virus filter on steroids.


Production details

The following represent some 3d rendering tests. I wanted to test out camera matching from video capture, tracking in AE, matching 3d model to tracked footage and compositing it all back together.  All of the tools used are over the counter 3ds max for modeling, lighting, texturing, then rendered with Corona.  The rest was typical After Effects, Photoshop, Premier for finishing work.


more to come....